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Dear @solidbase, the first visual schemes of the solidbase app are emerging. The underlying principle of reducing cognitive stress by focussing only on one or few items is already realizable.

I’ve created a little walkthrough. Please give me any comments you have:


Cool stuff. Do you also invite nitty-gritty feedback (“5 more pixel here”) or is it more about the flow?

I could also create one or more issues for that (e.g. “two black buttons should have some spacing between them”).

thumbs up.


Thank you for reviewing, @felix!
Currently I would actually appreciate more rather fundamental (functional) feedback, as the UI is just a better sketch yet. But I like to work on the visual appearance over the holidays, maybe you can give some comments into


Great! What means “Click on the hamburger menu”?

Invitation to consortium - How to contribute to the development of the solidbase app?

This means to click on the menu icon:

Although it looks like an air vent, it’s not used to keep the windows cool:

Interesting inside joke… we used to tell potential users that the image was an “air vent” to keep the window cool. It usually got a chuckle, and made the mark much more memorable.

The origin of the hamburger icon


Ok thanks. Now i know what a hamburger button is, but on my screen is not a hanburger icon as in the example


Ah, ja, sorry, if you have a big screen the hamburger menu doesn’t show up,it’s only for small screens and mobile devices. On big screens the whole menu shows up on the top left:

Chart and Config are the currently used pages.


Ok, thanks, now it works. Can I have a manual for the software, maybe by phone?
But in the new year, today starts my christmas break.
Happy christms!


Dear @hof-hollergraben, have a good new 2019!

The bad message first: A manual for the software we don’t have, on the one hand because it’s still in development and on the other because we want to make it a self-explanatory educational tool.

The good message is: You are invited to test and design the basic workflows of generating a budget! For doing the first steps I’d like to invite you to a meeting next week, ideally next week Wednesday at 4 PM, but I’m open for other proposals, too.

Over the holidays the look and feel changed a bit, and the new appearance is like that:


Note, @felix, there are now spaces between the buttons :wink:


Thanks! A good 2019 for you too!
Thank you for invitation. On wednesday i am busy the whole day, in the evening it could be work. Or at daytime 21. or 22. in the morning.


There’s no hurry with this, so 21.1. around 9AM would be great.