TVE user feedback

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@aniko send a thorough feedback. From technical points I create issues, content related stuff goes into the discourse.

    In Hungary we use space, eg. 1 million HUf = 1 000 000 HUF


  • certification
  • packaging & delivery
  • financial cost: banking, debit, loans etc.

:arrow_right: IO2: Budgetclasses definition and text

3.1. I am not able to add amounts to the following category (I filled the form, clicked add and nothing happened, tried several times):

  • agricultural devices
  • investment and reserved

Sorry I can’t reproduce this. Which activity do you want to create the expenses on?

3.2. why I cannot use the same ‘Name’ for other expense category?

Expense categories are used to sort the expenses. If it would be allowed to use the same name for another logical category, the sorting wouldn’t work.

3.3 When you add an ‘Amount’ it is automatically divided into monthly amounts. In some case it is perfect, in some case it is a lot of work to delete/correct numbers, because so many case this is not a logical way to register financial elements. Maybe we should provide more options:

  • add Amount and repeat in every months
  • add Amount and divide for quarters


3.4. Create an own preference list for ‘Name’ (not only category) would be nice for users


3.5 Sometimes users make mistakes. Eg. I added expense ‘víz’ under ‘energy’. I wanted to change that, and I accidently deleted ‘annual sum‘. I got zero everywhere. I clicked ‘Edit expense’, than ‘Amounts’, but there is no option to add new amount. And ‘delete’ also don’t work. It’s true when I saved the budget the row disappeared. (I made an account for myself , save function is working now yeah )
Amount of months might be edited also.

Yay, a go back in history functionality is of high need. Technically we need for that the completion of this issue:

    Might have the same logic than the ‘Add Expense’ (divide into monthly amounts, repeat in every months, select relevant month(s) etc., and display monthly view).


    We think we can use the solidbase app to present the budget planned in the beginning of the year and to show budget realized in the end of the year. Or to recalculate the budget during the year.


    Under the chart I see: ‘ All expenses and income within CSA sum up to (4231600 - 14740000) = -10508400 Ft for 55 members. This is an average of -191062 Ft per member.
    I have serious doubt about this feature. I added fees of shares to see all incomes, so in that case what the app really calculates? Plus, I think it is not a relevant feature. In Hungary, most CSAs have 2 or 3 types of share/basket/membership. And shares are not proportional. I think this feature is really too simple. The price of a share may be built by several elements: labor, production of cost, cost of delivery. For example, cost of delivery is a fix cost element in every share, but production is variable based on share’s size. If we want a feature to help calculate share’s price we should find another way.
    Maybe we should think on the main aim of the app, for what user will use this app? Calculating annual budget? Following the budget? Comparing more budget options? See monthly cash flow? Calculating prices of shares? See loss and profits?
    See a monthly balance of incomes & outcomes would be nice for example.

Cool CSA you have, the members even get money next to the veggies! :sweat_smile: In the logic of the app, as “incomes” only incomes besides the CSA shares are meant. But I agree, there is also a high fluctuation in share payment (eg some members might pay for the whole year or for three months,…) But for predicting this you would need to know the payment of every single share. Interesting functionality, but would only be practically usable with a automated import of income data.
For the beginning I started to model the simplest case of a solawi style CSA, which really works like the app shows. I’d actually like to extend that to the concept of the bidding round 2.0 that Klaus presented in the test trainings. Did you read the minutes (page 3 on bidding rounds)? This means the main output of the app would be a percentage of the personal income.
I’ve summarized the main functionality of the app in the introduction section on It will be hard to fulfill these features well within the project lifetime, adding more complex ones seems to be impossible. But implementing the planned monthly balance of incomes and outcomes is not that complex.

    7.1. Something is wrong with annual sum:
    +income: 500.000; -expense: 435.000 why the balance is minus 65.000?

The logic is the other way round, as the the first aim of the app is collecting the expenses, so these are the positive values.

7.2. I added income and expense in a lower activity. The expense was listed under expense category, but the incomes wasn’t. Is this intentional?

Yes. As above stated, income is seen as other income, besides the income from shares. This other income relates to lower activities, not higher. Actually income should only arise at the top activity.

7.3. After click ‘Edit activity’ I cannot edit anything…: I should edit amounts somewhere else

You can edit the name, the activity class (which is not in use currently) and set a note, but probably you mean the amounts? You are right that’s a bug. :arrow_right:

    8.1 suggest to fix the ‘button row’, and if the user scrolling up or down, this bar is fix and usable every time.

Thanx, that’s a good idea!

8.2 . Below the chart, letters of expense categories are too small

You mean the fontsize of the legend? Depends probably on the screen size. Maybe the font size can be fixed.

8.3 I suggest to create the same chart for income too.

That wouldn’t make sense in the current logic. But there’s an issue for collecting ideas for additional charts :arrow_right:

8.4. We should think how can we demonstrate other issues: balance, cashflow etc.

Sure, ideas are always good, but if we don’t get additional developing powers I don’t think we can add much more features during the project lifetime.