Solidbase Hackathon Freiburg 2019

On our last management call Jocelyn reminded us to think about the “Hackathon” in Freiburg in autumn 2019 where we want to introduce the final version of our tool.

Lets collect some ideas for having a nice event in this thread.

Probably it will be less a Hackathon as “hackers” would imagine, more a demonstration of the functionality of THE tool and the other “auxiliary” software we’ll promote.

Sure, we can make a nice event,

if you want we can talk about that to collect ideas, its still quite far
ahead so there is no hurry,

I also understand hackathon as a common developing process so it would
have to still develop, perhaps it to late in autumn 2019…



We now gathered some ideas for the @solidbase hackathon:

  • Spread the word of the solidbase app, next to the other dedicated CSA apps investigated during the solidbase research :arrow_right:
  • Spread the word of general FLOSS community organizers like nextcloud and discourse, librehosters. :arrow_right:
  • Have a meeting between IT specialists involved in the CSA movement, to get better organized. :arrow_right:
  • Share other activities led within SolidBase and think about next, post-project steps
  • Perform something. For example,
    • create a map for the URGENCI website, where the different initiatives described on the website are pinpointed on the map
    • Work on translations of the various apps
    • Work on interfaces (common auth possibilities) between the apps
    • General skill sharing
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Sounds awesome!
I spread the word on the very inspiring community plattform and on .

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Preparation happens here :

Please send participation requests can be sent to