Sampling data from Wiswall 2009


Richard Wiswall gave us the OK to use sample data from his book “The Organic Farmer’s Business Handbook”.

He also mentioned 2 very interesting projects for us:

From: Cate Farm <>
To: SolidBase Solawi - Johannes Winter  <>
Subject: Re: Usage of content from "The Organic Farmers Business Handbook"
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2019 07:07:15 -0500
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Hi Johannes- Sure, you have permission to use the sample data, and one 
or two of the enterprise budgets. And here is a link to a project I 
worked on that might be of interest to you: .

And you might check out BeetClock on Google Play, a phone app for 
tracking farm crop budget inputs, including the tough one, labor hours.

Good luck with your project.

Best, Richard.

On 1/15/2019 5:51 AM, SolidBase Solawi - Johannes Winter wrote:
> Hello Richard,
> I got to knew to your book by Elizabeth Henderson who warmly
> recommended it to us during a workshop of our "solidbase" project at
> the international CSA conference in Thessaloniki.
> The solidbase project is about elaborating a educational program for
> "solidarity based food system" stakeholders, co-financed by the
> European union. We also have some money for creating a "budget planning
> and presentation app" for which I am responsible.
> In your book I now found some very usable sample data, which I used to
> create the very first "real" data set, which I would now like to
> publicize:
> The one or other of the "crop enterprise budgets" would be also of
> great use as sample data.
> Of course I would always add a link to your book when using info from
> it.
> Find additional information about solidbase by following the links in
> my signature.
> Best regards,