IO2 Meeting



Dudle spoke, lets have our jour fixe / weekly stand up

Thursdays at 9 AM

beginning on



Let’s meet here:


I can hear you now Johannes, but you don’t seem to hear me…


To figure out connectivitiy issues we can chat via matrrix:!


Jitsi seems to be in bad mood today :wink: Let’s have a try in


Dear @solidbase,

Tomorrow, 17.5. at 10:00 :clock10:: during our almost weekly IO2 standup @carolin.gruber would like to give a presentation of the adaption sunu made to openolitor for better fitting solawi requirements.

Meeting point is in the matrix:


is there a way you can record this? since i cannot partake


@carolin.gruber is preparing also a webinar for sunu, which will probably even be better than a adhoc recording.


Yes, we recorded one of our webinars, that we did in the context of the crowdfunding campaign. You can have a look here: :slight_smile:


Dear @IO2,

After having some holidays working time is nearing again. I think it would be fine to have a little meeting again next week.
Most of you guys didn’t want to have a meeting in the morning, so I created a new framadate for finding a date in the evening. It probably would be nice if we could use this weekday and time for a weekly update.



Dear @IO2,

framadate spoke, so we’ll meet Thursday at 18:00.

Let’s use talky to meet:


I’ve added this event to the project group calendar.


Here’s the minutes/agenda:

@aniko :exclamation: We are normally also chatting in :exclamation:


We now are mmeting in the solawi cloud because of too much latency on talky.


Dear @IO2,

after having only a informal meeting last week I’d like to do an intense working day tomorrow and move on with the finding of the software stack for the budget planning tool and with getting the list of appropriate software tools online.

Find us in the matrix: I’ll start around 9 AM.


Dear @IO2,

work is moving on.

Before Prague it would be quite important to have a meeting, especially to discuss

Let’s meet in the evening at 19:00.


Dear @IO2, as a reminder: Today we meet at 16:00 MET in and particularly in

Notes go to


Dear @IO2,

have a happy New Year!

we’ll have a little round today @ 4PM MET. We can today use the original jitsi instance on as it is said to be more up to date than the one from riot.

Find the agenda and notes on:


Hey guys, I won’t be there at the meeting today as I have to pick up from Creche! Sorry for the late notice!