IO2 Meeting


I’d like to make a meeting with you two, @gandhiano and @carolin.gruber about how to proceed with IO2. Especially on how to divide the work for the “list of auxiliary tools” for which caro created a nice framework. Please fill the dudle for the week after next week.

The list of auxiliary tools

@gandhiano, @carolin.gruber sorry, a bit short term, but let’s have a try for a meeting tomorrow (30.1.) at 10:00, there. If that doesn’t work fallback to riot.


I will be there. But tomorrow is the 30.1. You get a discount, as new
father :wink:


30th Jan at 10 is fine for me. I am a bit confused now where the error in dates was?! Anyway, talk to you tomorrow :slight_smile:


we now try:


pad here:


Once more our matrix channel:


Let’s have our minutes in future in onlyoffice Documents.

Let’s store them in this folder.


Let’s meet again here, @carolin.gruber:


Yesterday wie said we want to have a biweekly “jour fixe” for our IO2 calls. As both of you, @gandhiano and @carolin.gruber had time tuesday morning, do we want to have a next try on 13.2. 10:00? Or do we need a dudel?


Obviously still a bit hard to find a date. I was also very busy. I think we know what to do, so perhaps we want to meet on Tuesday, 27.2. at 10:00?


Hi all, sorry, I was a bit absent the last weeks… I could do Tuesday 27th in the afternoon, or Wednesday the 28th in the morning would also work!.


Ah cool, you’re still alive! @gandhiano would one of these dates be possible for you too?


Yep, I could make me available for a short meeting on Wednesday morning.


Ok, then lets meet Wednesday at 10:00 in the nextcloud. With Peter this worked quite well last time.


Here is the link:


Hey guys, I’m terribly sorry I missed the call… I messed up my calendar! Did you guys meet and what did you discuss? Or was it rescheduled for next week (the dudle that Johannes sent around?!)


We mainly talked about the LMS:

Next week we’ll have a call in a (hopefully) bigger round to update the main coordination and to sync a bit with the other IOs.


@gandhiano and @carolin.gruber:

I prepared a dudle for finding a weekly jour fixe for the elaboration of IO2, as proposed during the meeting in beginning of february. It starts in the week after next week, because I’m quite busy with university in the next days.

I suppose you know what to do, register in the taiga board, work on the jobs there and ask me / phone me if you have any questions.

Also our co-coordinator @honza and the main coordinator @aniko are invited to supply tips for dates.


Thanks Johannes. Also for the Taiga board. looks like a good tool to coordinate the tasks!