IO2: Budgetclasses definition and text

Dear @peter.volz and @hof-hollergraben

as you know, we are currently working on the educational tool for budgetplaning (Solid Base App).
One aspect, where we would need your input and experience is the preparation of “classes” where budgetlines can be allocated to. The idea is to have a list fo classes and a description thereof to describe the items of a buget. The descriptions and class names will be stored in the system and their purpose is to help communicate the budget to members. So the texts should be written with the CSA members in mind to raise awareness for the different budget topics, what they mean, why they are important, why they could be high. e.g. labor costs could be high if payment is above minimum wage.
Theses classes are not defined by the user of the app but might be editable by a super-admin in future. Users of the app can allocate their expenses and activities to a specific class.

I would like to start with the German and English version to give the other partners and idea of what we had in mind so that they can either translate or adaapt to their local needs.

I prepared a document here:

Could you help us to identify the right classes and also draft texts that communicate the most important aspects from your experience. I.e. what is that members usually want to know and what is that farmers/csas usually have most difficulties to communicate.

If you have time, we can have a call in the next week to discuss?

Thanks a mil,

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AMPI already contributed budgetclass description and a sample budget:

@aniko reported the need for some more expense categories:

  • certification
  • packaging & delivery
  • financial cost: banking, debit, loans etc.

Note that the expense categories are fully configurable via the web interface.