Involving partners


In the last call @aniko asked how to involve non-technical staff from the partner organizations into the development of the tool.

Next to the technical topics we have work to do on the content and on the design. For design the elaboration of a nice solidBase logo would be helpful, but more important is the content.
We need introductory text about:

  • What is members based economy?
  • What is a budget / how to setup a budget?
  • Explanatory texts for details on special budget lines like:
    • labor
    • investments
    • land
    • seeds & seedlings

For generating templates of common budgets for the use in the app we need more empiric information about average budgets in the partner countries. Until now we only have some SOLAWI exemplary budgets:


I think we have also discussed this in one of the previous calls, and wanted to meet every 6 weeks for a review/retrospective meeting, presenting achievements and asking for feedback, also of non-technical partners.

You mentioned that in Thessaloniki the first of such meetings would take place. Did it? Is there any documentation? And when do we have the next and/or what to we need to prepare for it to happen?


@yala mentioned to have such a meeting happen in Thessaloniki, but I always said that we won’t find time for that in Greece.

We now have a management call where I will present and discuss the state of the work. Little questions arouse probably of still only few functionality visible on

For more deeply diving into user stories together with the partners a special meeting would be of good use. We have a weekly solidase meeting at Wednesday 14:00, but for review with the @solidbase partners I invite for a special date next week: It would be especially useful if @aniko and @honza could join.


Yes, I find this 6 week-rhythm with partners absolutely necessary for a proper involvement in the process, and for having reliability in contribution to formulating user stories/setting requirements, as well as testing.

Maybe on the management call you can find at 2-3 persons to be present on these meetings and already set a schedule when they can happen (we probably need to sync to find availability together with the developers). Lets try not plan every single meeting, because that tends to fail to keep the pace and instead try to find a schedule with fixed days for the upcoming year.


Having this 6 weeks rhythm is a bit unrealistic, as we need to have the first working prototype at the end of January.

So we can have one meeting next week, maybe one before Christmas and one in mid-January.

Planning of next year I would like to leave to after this sprint.


hi @yova

I feel adressed… is there a budget for this?

I think we don’t meet this weekend, do we?


Dear @solidbase,

I hereby invite you to a review meeting of the development progress in the 2nd week of December. Find a dudle here: As we have our weekly @IO2 coordination on Wednesday at 15:30 we would favor this date a lot.

We will discuss the progress of implementation of the issues, possibilities of involvement of the partners and gather ideas on refining existing user stories and maybe define some new ones.

Please also think about how you will do the Translation of OpenOlitor.


Has the Dudle been resolved?

Side channel communication indicates the date may not be suitable.

Also no further invitation happened?


Ah, yes, invitation has also been send per email, pitily @honza can’t join tomorrow, but it’s very fine that @aniko and @hof-hollergraben will be available @15:30.


Dear @aniko, @hof-hollergraben, @yala, @gandhiano and all interested people, let’s use this pad for today and meet in at 15:30.

Please keep in mind that we always can also find each other in the matrix.


We’ve had an extended meeting for 2,5 hrs — thanks @stadtambulanz @aniko @gandhiano and @yova for all your time and attention! — and there are notes in

12.12.2018: Review with consortium

Please especially regard the notices on action items regarding