Invitation to consortium - How to contribute to the development of the solidbase app?


TL;DR: We would like partners to help in reviewing the language, functionality and appearance of the app. You can do it both by following the :speech_balloon: IO2 forum category and :bulb: checking our user stories board. Note taking during the weekly calls happens in the pad :memo: IO2 Meeting.

The question of how to contribute to the development of the @IO2 solidbase app repeatedly arouse. Find some hints here for entry points.

Introduction of communication channels in use

Software development is quite a complex endeavor, especially if done within international consortia. Therefore we use different communication channels for varying levels of abstraction and directness.

:speech_balloon: Discourse

Discourse is best suited for (long lasting) meta-discussions of topics. You can also use it almost like a mailing list, but it’s main features are in the web interface. We use it for general project coordination and for discussing basic subject, also with third-parties. Find the category for the app development in:

:floppy_disk: Gitlab

Gitlab is most of all a graphical user interface for a code versioning system git. But it also possesses powerful features for managing issues, which you can understand as a very sophisticated ToDo list. Having these in close vicinity to the code makes this tool perfect for managing the software development of the app.

For this tool we disbaled public registration momentarily, so if you would like to contribute on this platform, please request an account from

Find an overview of the current issues on

Those tagged as user stories are written in non-technical language, to be discussed with the consortium.

The technical enthusiast may try to get the latest versions running by following the development notes:

:busts_in_silhouette: Matrix

Often we want to instantly share some info or ping the colleagues for input. As email is the successor of snail mail, it’s latency can be quite high. Actually it’s not made for instant messaging, why new messaging services like Telegram arouse. We use the matrix system and in there we find a SolidBase room:

What to do?

It’s important that you know all features of the app from the bottom up. Therefore I kindly request you to experiment with the currently installed development version on For speeding up this process, I also created a walkthrough to the app using screenshots that can give you an impression of the (planned) functionality:

  1. To make the tool effective in increasing public knowledge about work and income conditions in agriculture, we need some explanatory texts for the major expenses. For that we need to define the expense categories we want to have default texts until mid-January for, and write them until end of January.

  2. As the regional specifics are quite high regarding this questions, I would recommend to just write texts for each participating country in the mother tongue, and maybe translate one of each kind to English (low priority). Find the corresponding issue in the gitlab:

  1. Some of the partners also have funding for technical development. A task on the entry level would be the translation of the app.

To discuss the possibilities of technically more advanced contributions please join our weekly meeting wednesdays at 16:00.


The most important task for the partners is to review the functionality and appearance of the app. For using it in the trainings it needs to fulfill the functionality you want it to have and you need to be familiar with its functionality and workflows. For achieving this we plan to have meetings with the consortium every 6 weeks. The last one with Anikó was good, and clearly showed some weaknesses we have to mitigate, especially in communication regarding the app.

In response to this I write this invitation for contributions and ask for the next date of the review meeting. As date for the next meeting we would favor 16.01.2019 at 16:00, so during our regular meeting times. In the case that this date doesn’t fit you at all, I prepared another dudle, see: