Elaboration of M3


We start with elaborating the basic structure using this template:



I have made a first review and tried to address more extensively the aims of M3.

I am a big fan of hands-on/experiental learning and have therefore proposed a different course structure, based on only 25% theory input (including discussion), 25% experimentation with the tools and 50% group assignment, where the participants are presented (or choose) a real-life problem to solve and elaborate all the steps from budget preparation up to communication to the public/members.

What is still not clear to me is how long this module will be part of a course (is it a curriculum for a part of a training?), and how long it should take.

Furthermore, we should include also preparation and aftermath for the course: will participants get materials/problems to read/discuss beforehand, is communication and learning happening after the course?


The module will be the third module out of four one-day training modules, as specified in the solidbase application.

Probably it would make much sense to provide introductory material to the participants beforehand, and also provide contents of the module afterwards. Where to put these still needs to be discussed. The summarized contents will go into a booklet (IO5).