Creating a domain and data model and finding a suitable representation

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Your discussion about process nesting became too complex for me. I can’t identify any methods for hierarchically nesting processes within another (heritage pattern), except classifying them using external descriptors with vf:classifiedAs in the derived PR. Have I overseen something, @fosterlynn?

Additionally the concept of AccountingPeriod hasn’t made it to master yet. These two things are essential for our project and had been part of your first budget.ttl version. I propose we continue to use it and adapt it as needed, maybe we can merge some future time again or just let it coexist as an vf dialect.

Thanks, I’ll take a look, but probably not right now. Does what they have fit your needs for solawi budgeting?

Your discussion about process nesting became too complex for me.

Sorry about that, and don’t worry about it. There’s all kinds of stuff in there that isn’t budgets, and also isn’t resolved. The currently proposed property for the nesting is inScopeOf. Also thinking of includedIn. And I totally understand why that isn’t apparent, we have a very messy process sometimes.

Maybe when we get something actually merged, I could take another crack at your ttl file, and you can decide what you want to use or not.

Additionally the concept of AccountingPeriod hasn’t made it to master yet

Right. Actually I took your cue of Interval, and took a look at a vocab @bhaugen had recommended earlier, here This is the PR: Maybe we want to work AccountingPeriod in there somewhere also? But yes could also be an extension.

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I decided to stay with the VF ontology for now as I really appreciate it’s idea of enabling the mapping of non-monetary value flows. The idea of having vf:estimatedSupply next to vf:estimatedDemand at least in your budget.ttl snippet might become handy in near future for our app.

For having nested process I decided to use vf:includedIn for now:

Thank you for the link to owl-time, probably time:year and time:monthOfYear are the properties we’ll use for vf:AccountingPeriod.

Hi @yova ! I’m checking back with you because I’m back working on this part of VF after letting it sit since we worked together. I would like to see where you ended up on your data model now that it is out in the real world, as input for my work. I would be surprised if it hasn’t changed since I gave you the ttl file! If you could link me to the easiest place to see it, I would appreciate it! (ttl, schema of whatever kind, anything to see the model.). Thanks!

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You are looking for

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Sorry for letting you wait that long @fosterlynn, but only yesterday the first test training of our partner in Prague with the app happened. I hope to find now some time to fuse back this spike to valueflows, and to fuse the developements from valueflows back into the app. Let’s see whether we can reach compatibility. :slight_smile:

I’ve documented the datamodel in the projects readme now. You can see that I remixed designators once across the LD universe, maybe this can be unified a bit. The changes I’ve made to the vf budgeting draft you gave us back then are only minimal and regard the introduced possibility to also have nested intents. I’m not that sure how clever it was to introduce this, as now the concept is bit complicated, but super flexible.