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Dear @solidbase,

we’ve setup an own website for the tool planned within @IO2. We called it . As first content the presentation about the FLOSS SFS tools can be found there.

More content might be discussed here


Next content to put online would be the summarized results from the questionnaire concerning the IT aspects:

We’ll probably use hugo as CMS with as theme or so…


To become familiar with hugo I now created a repository with a placeholder(?) theme in the allmende gitlab:

A preview of the site can be found on

As main content for now the list of appropriate software should be compiled soon:


Dear SolidBase,

the software list is now ready for review. Please PR any changes to the gitlab:

find a preview of the website on
I’ll put that on by tomorrow.


Great job! I am not an expert on software, but this report ist very usefull for me and interested


Dear @solidbase,

we now publicized a notification about the start of coding of the solidbase tool, and I would actually like to use this event to improve the ranking of the site for search engines (SEO - search engine optimization). That means to try to rank first if someone searches for solid base with google. Would that be OK for you?


Sure, SEO is very important. But for good SEO don’t forget to include also related keywords like budget, financial planning, community-supported agriculture, etc.