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François Barbut was so kind to write an english introduction to cagette:

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And some more info:
Le 03/06/2018 à 18:21, Johannes Winter a écrit :

Dear Francois,

please excuse my very late answer. I had a look into other interesting
tools, and it took me some time to jump over the language barrier. But
chromiums’s automatic translation does wonders. :slight_smile: Lately it even could
tell me that you abondend the google groups support channel and moved
over to facebook.

yes, FB is bad, …but pragmactically it is where people are. :slight_smile:

Google groups is not very friendly for non developers

First I was sceptical, but on a second look, it seems you took some
wise development decisions. I like haxes’s background and esthetics
also I appreciate anglophone identifiers in the code. ( Can’t say that
from your move to facebook, but probably that doesn’t care anyone
anymore… )
The documentation with the screenshot’s seems to be well done.
I saw some translations done: , is there a
demo somewhere, or do I have to install cagette locally?

Yes you can login to

You can switch the interface langage like this :

everything is not yet translated , I would say 70%

we use weblate for translation contributions :

You wrote of the possibility of generating “attendance sheets” with
cagette. Is this about tracking members working hours or so?

attendance sheet is a printable list of each member orders, the purpose
is to have this document while products are distributed. People may sign
it to leave a trace about their attendance to this distribution.

about “working hours”, we have a page to manage “permanences” : it’s
when a member helps the farmer to distribute the products during the
whole distribution

You offer this ‘cpro’ plugin. The only possibility to get it is to take
part of your training lessons. There is no other possibility to acquire

For those who are not farmers and need the “cagette pro” plugin, we
propose a monthly fee ( 30€ + variable amount depending on active
distribution points )

We have a few clients like this.

Somewhere in our communication we missed to include the it-tools list.
Was this by fault?

I made your short introduction public in our solawi discourse. I hope
you don’t mind.
If you like you can also answer there.

great, thank you !

What a pity, that you can’t come to Strasbourg!

yep, sorry … Maybe next time

Anyway if you’re in Bordeaux someday, tell me :slight_smile: