[Budgetclasses definition] finding a date for a call


Hallo Carolin,

  thanks for the mail, I am busy today and then away the whole next


I am available in the week of the 11th of March,



IO2: Budgetclasses definition and text

Dear Caroline,
we can have a call next week, but only by skype or jitsi, I am in France. Would you make a doodle or how we find a termin?
have a nice weekend, Klaus


ups, now i see Peters text! I can also in the week of 11th


Dear all,

I made a dudle for next week: https://dudle.inf.tu-dresden.de/IO2Meeting_Budgetbeschreibungen/

Looking forward to talking to you!


So let’s fix Tuesday the 12th at 10am. @peter.volz does that suit you as well?


which system we use tomorrow? Skype, Jitsi or something else?


@peter.volz wrote in a PM today:

For me 12:00 is a bit late, as I can latest only till 12:30.

I propose we meet at 10 with @hof-hollergraben and later with Peter. For me https://meet.jit.si/solidbase suits well.


Sounds good to me! 10 with @hof-hollergraben and with @peter.volz at 12 or whenever you are ready.

Jitsi also fine for me. Hear you all tomorrow!


OK, then speak to you soon, greetings


Sorry I’m delayed but will be there shortly! Please start if you are there already. The link to the template where we can put in the information is in my first post! Speak soon!!