AMPI - training technical feedback


first of all I have to thank you for cooperation and fast reaction also in the urgent cases.

I’m not competent to provide overall feedback. I provide just technical one - related to training execution.

Feedback is based on training took place 190911 in PC room at Czech Agricultural University 15:00-20:00. Number of trainees working at pc in parallel ~10. From AMPI present: Honza, Jana, Šárka, Leoš. Reserved time: 90 minutes for SolidBase, 90 minutes for OpenOlitor. SolidBase executed as planned. OpenOlitor reduced due to technical problems and interesting discussions.

My preparation consists of ~6 pages (in our language). In the case you’d be interested I can translate it.

Potential issues described have been observed more times for one user (admin) or for more trainees and were evident.

Feedback is divided into

  • trained tools: SolidBase and OpenOlitor

  • and trainee’s and trainer’s.

— Solidbase - trainee’s feedback —

? Some usage of “backspace” button would be fine to move back in the chart visualization.

? Would be good/useful to see also visualization per season/month.

— SolidBase - trainer’s feedback (bugs) —

? Honza had an issue training day: “When tried to start the budget the attached error message started to appear without changing anything. I only tried to start a new budget.” It is used ampi user account. Red refresh categories button doesn’t help. Other browser used, browser’s cache cleared but result the same. (Just trying to add category “agricultural devices”, application replies that category is already there.) Problem observed also prior training at another network.

? Network specific issue. Do not occurs at the same pc connected to another provider. After login there is nothing below “Log out” button at /config page. Chart page cannot be used.

? Just brand new users don’t see any categories (when going to create activity). Also do not see any at /config.

? Admin categories are not propagated after actualization. I do change (as admin) of some category. Then click red button to actualize the changes. But when try to add new activity, change is not available.

— OO - Trainee’s feedback —
? Is it possible to pay for example for 25 weeks and have 26week season? It means that specific participant for example could choose which week (e.g. due to vacation) would not subsribe.

? What is the exact meaning of “Zusatzdaten” for “Subscription type” definition?

? Is it possible to share information about events/participation with other participants? E.g. admin predefines dates for needed contribution at field. All participants should know about that contribution is needed (e.g. in user portal). Everybody should have option to undersign for specific date of work participation and other participants should know about that. Is it possible?

? Is it possible to add/import more participants at once, e.g. from some table?

? Is it possible to pay (or decrease in absolute value) subscription price by work?

  • Potentially recognized as interesting tool. Appriciated by CSA’s having more participants.

  • Not interesting in the case of one kind of Subscription type. In the case of more Products becomes interesting.

— OO - Trainer’s feedback —

? Bug. Login into OO sometimes works sometimes not. Uncomfortable for trainees. More trainees logged in. What is the maximal safe number of connections to the same admin account?

? Bug. Created Product category but cannot be added to Product. Rotating circle icon close to diskette icon.

? Would like to know conditions for implementation in Czech (list of technical demands for implementer).

? Would like to know possible support form your side in the case of need to adapt to Czech environment - bugs hunting, features implementation, adjusment to regional needs, etc…

— Other trainee’s questions —

? Do you have recommendation how to create simple web page?

? What we really need for administration and management is also dependent on legislation. We would like to be trained for legal forms and another kind of participation/association forms more suitable for us. (Legal and Financial minimum is often missing.)

Overall/precise evaluation of trainee’s feedback will come out from questionnaires.

I wish you nice day!

Best regards,


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Thank you @leos for this experience collection! It’s OK to place everything here at first and then sort it to the appropriate issue tracker. I answer for the solidbase app part.

I’ve had been in communication with @honza about that during the training, and thought it to be solved after manually correcting the budget data on the server from errors introduced by a earlier bug. Is the ampi account still not working?

This is very probably related to the query language ldflex:

So this needs more attention: #155 & #158

This is very probably related to the last two mentioned issues, but I’ve opened a new one for this case:

This we dealt with in the communication and collaboration block. The easiest for the beginner are probably and The intermediate might prefer static site generators like or flat-file-cms like

See also and

Hi there,

this is Mikel, from OO project. So I am going to try to answer to the questions that you had.

  1. number of sessions: I think the problem came more from the fact of making several connections with the same user. Next time is better to create as many test users as needed. This step is really not long;
  2. I bet this is something related to the previous point. As everybody was using the same login, some changes were made simultaneously from different computers???
  3. At the moment, this project is running on CloudFoundry so the main challenge would be to find a CloudFoundry provider for Czech. However, in Sunu we have a pending task to migrate OO from Cloud Foundry to a plain java provider. We checked with This task is at the moment pending because there is no strong interest from the initiatives but in case there are other initiatives interested we can push it forward;
  4. We are open to any feedback coming from the initiatives and support any initiative that would be interested. Just, let me know and we can discuss!
    Some interested links:

Mikel Cordovilla Mesonero -

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Thank you Johannes!


I will let you know.

Just another minor problem observed:
?, log-in as leos2 (common user) and go to chart/; copy budget link and place into new Firefox window; confirmed #151 example 1 and 2 are solved with red error message and loading of last example from example list.
Then go back to previous window (was chat/) click to config/ and try to log-out. Seems like not possible - “Log out” button always visualized also after repeated clicking (also other content is available at the page like I’m still logged in.) No debug messsages in Firefox (F12).
Back to chart/ and no control buttons (budget editing) are available, like not logged-in. Back to config/ and “Log in” button is here - so unlogged.
So, /config page did not change from logged status to unlogged.

Thank you @Mikel.

Let me ask few questions:

  • Is OO floss or not?
  • What is the role of CloudFoundry here? (What is the problem with CloudFoundry?)
  • How does helps with transformation?

Feedback on user’s level is coming to Johannes and Carolin - reporting of application usage problems + asking for functions adjustment. Should I directly put you in copy for any OO feedback?
Feedback on more technical level would need more engagement. As precondition is more clear strategy of the goal and effort/time idea. (I’m alone here and still not clear that this is my lifeway. Possibly.)
It’s clear that ideal would be to build some community-team dedicated to tools development/maintenance but this is ideal case which will be matter of upcoming discussion here.
This is why I preliminary ask what kind of support could be (not is) available from your side:

  • definition of all needed prerequisites in order to apply OO in Czech
  • guide/support of deployment in CZ
  • support/cooperation of bugs hunting and updates
  • support/cooperation of new features implementation (CZ region specific)