AMPI - OpenOlitor user feedback

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Feedback of usage applied during self-learning of OpenOlitor application at .

The most problematic issues are highlighted bold. Please, could you help with these first?

? Is this presentation Carolin used in video available?

? Could be added link to application and shor info how to get into application?

? Guide is related to Admin portal and no Member/Uset portal. Is it so?

? Very probably this is related to menu “Member” -> “Participants”. Could be this page arranged with info of what is the purpose of described steps here? Or this should show some generic usage of most common features in the application? If so, could this be mentioned here?

? Could be learn aligned with application - “Members” or “Participants” (the same in learn and application)?

? Regarding “The new fields are: “Tasks””, where are the tasks?

? Is it ment “(marked in yellow on the picture above)” instead of used “(marked in yellow on the picture below)”?

? In right panel “Subscription” -> “Save” menu -> “Modify the balance” drop down menu item: what does it mean “paid + offset”?

? What does battery icon on the right to “Absences” in “Subscription” right panel do?

? For whole application. Could be added automatic hint when mouse pointer hovers over the item (input box, combobox, radio button, …)?

? Could be mandatory items (red fields) described in more details?

? How to create subscription where members are paying in advance for: 1. whole season in one payment, 2. whole season in two payments?
? What is the purpose of the “Settings”->“Member categories”? Seems this can be used to select e.g. “2 times per season payer”.

? CZK currency would be nice to have.

? It is not possible to create automatically distribution dates only for one monthly distribution. (Mail with question sent to Carolin 190830 1:55.)

? Could be shortly described purpose of the new product creation - what it is good for?

? Could be described “Default quantity”, “unit” options?

? “Category” options are related to menu “Settings”->“Product categories”?

?! I try to create my Product. Fill fields and when select something from “Producers” drop-down list then all settings disappear and “+ Create a product” blue button become disabled. How to create a Product?
Workaround is to click to another “Settings” -> e.g. “Producers” and then back to “Products”. Now blue button “+ Create a product” is available again.

? Square button (with black square inside) discards creation of new product. Is it so?

? Purpose of the new person category creation? What is person categy? Could be described in example what I do set by this example? How is it related to another parts/settings/usage of OO?

? “Deliveries” -> “Planning” -> “+ Generate New Delivery Planning” -> delivery setting open. Then click somewhere else in the menu and back to “Deliveries” -> “Planning”. The list of planning contains new line even if I did not submit any planning. Is it intentional behaviour?

? What is represented by each line? It looks like random dates per listed Subscription types. How concretely to read each line of the deliverz planning list?

? What “Now you can add products from the product list on by drag and drop to the respective subscription types.” is good for?

? What is the purpose of button “List of producers”? When I click on it, it is empty even if I saved my palnning.

?! After green button “Complete delivery planning” pressing, pop-up asks for Confirmation (not documented in learn, could be added?). I press red “OK”. Top error message occurs: “Problem occured on calling server function: Could not transit Lieferplanung to status Abschliessen”.
Observation: I can not have only my Product “Zeleninový balíček” alone asssigned to Subscription type box I have to add something else (even without selection of Producer?) then Completion passes.

?! Green button “Settle delivery planning is not available”. Where I can find it? I can not go ahead.

? What is the difference among “Member” -> “Members”, “Participants” and “Persons”? What to use and when?

? How to generate invoice for whole season/year or specific number of invoices per season/year?

? Could you describe in more details items of “A new windows opens on the right side of the display”?

? If we consider just one payment for season, we put number of deliveries for whole season into “Number of deliveries”. Is it so?

? How to add extra fee e.g. for seasonal management to the invoice?

? How to remove Subsription type I don’t need, e.g. I did a mistake?

?! “Member” -> “Participants”: How to remove specific Subscription for participant?

? It is written " we select Direct debit" I do not see Direct Debit only “Other” (invoices 200097 and 200098). When i try to generate SEPA the result is top error message: “Problem occured on calling server function: Some data needs to be introduce in the system before creating the pain_008_001_07 : The iban or name account holder is not defined for the user: KundeId(30027) KundeId(30031)” and “undefinedAktion “pain.008.001.07 erstellen” konnte nicht ausgeführt werden. Fehler: 400-Bad Request: undefined”. Obviously sure because participants 30027 and 30031 don’t have IBAN defied.
Could you describe which other options of payment are available (describe other "Payment method"s) and what is possible to do if IBAN is not defined?

? I added IBAN to participant 30027. Then it was possible to download invoice SEPA XML for 30027. I saved file. The problem is “Finances” -> “Invoices” top-right blue button “+ Generate invoice” is deactivated (white circle is rotating in it). Also drop down menu on the right to this blue button is not available. What could happen?
Workaround: go to another menu item and bask to Invoices.

? Could be described items from “Finances” -> “Invoices” drop-down menu (right from blue “+ Generate invoice”)?

? “Finances” -> “Invoices”; I check invoice 200097 and 200098 then select “Invoices sent” from drop down menu close to blue button. Window top error message occurs: “Problem occured on calling server function: Es konnten keine Rechnungen in den Status ‘Verschickt’ gesetzt werden” and “undefinedAktion “Rechnungen verschickt” konnte nicht ausgeführt werden. Fehler: 400-Bad Request: undefined”. What this function should do?

? “Finances” -> “Invoices”; for selcted invoices I want to send email; I fill “Send email to selected entries” press blue button “Send”. Reseult is window top error message: “Problem occured on calling server function: Something went wrong with the mail generation, please check the correctness of the template.” How to send invoice to participants with info about invoice?

? This is the meaning of this page: Write an summary email to all members?

? Which menu item/setting is specifically “Settings -> Depots Gehe zu Einstellungen -> Abholstationen”?

? Do you have some examples of email forms (for more purposes)?

I try “E-mail form” option. I try to send email with text “Custom Mail
{{person.vorname}} … {{person.kundeid}} … {{}}”. The result is window top error message “Problém vznikl při využití funkce serveru: Something went wrong with the mail generation, please check the correctness of the template.”. (this is not the problem)
?! Then I changed text of the mail to simple “test” only. Email sent. But I received 7 emails from with “test” content. This 7 times could correspond to more not successful attempts to send email in the past. Could you explain the behaviour?
?! I corrected “kundeid” to “kundeId”. I send email with text “Custom Mail
{{person.vorname}} … {{person.kundeId}} … {{}}”. But I receive 3x the same email into mailbox. Could you explain why number of received mails varies and I do not receive one mail but always more with the same content?

? “Participation” -> “Work opportunities” -> “+ Create work opportunity”: after creation and multiplying of the work opportunity I see “+ Multiply” button twice. What is the difference of the secend button?

? “Go back to the overview of work opportunities:” is not possible because pop-up Confirmation window shows “Die Seite enthält Modifikationen. Wollen Sie diese verwerfen?” Should I save something?

? If it’s true that blue “Work opportunity Save” adds item/s to the list of “Work assignments”, could it be mentioned in the guide this proces (how, when)?

? Could you describe green button “Publish” button and blue “Work opportunity Save”?

? Could be translated “Die Angebote sind erst dann im Mitgliederportal zu sehen, wenn sie freigeschaltet wurden. Klicke dazu auf ein Arbeitsangebot hinein und wähle „Freischalten“.”?
? Does it mean that administrator can assign participant to work from this admin portal and/or participant is able add himself from user portal?
? Could you describe assigment little bit?

Hey Leos,

Thanks for your detailed feedback. I am only able to reply shortly so I focus on the bold questions. I will reply in more detail but not sure if I make it before your training on Tuesday.

This is strange. I would need to test it… great if you found a work around. It may be due to some input data issues or changes that caused problems. However, this should not occur and seems to be a bug…

Did you have more than one delivery planing in status “open”. If so, only the first one can be completed. You have to complete them in order of the dates. Looking at your observation though, it might also be a problem related to the one you had with creating a product. Somehow the product is not created correctly and might cause the delivery planning to fail.

This should be visible when the delivery was closed successfully.

Once a member has received a delivery of that subscription, the subscription cannot be deleted anymore. If can only be set to “inactive” if the member cancelled the subscription.

I will comment on your other questions as soon as possible!

Hello Carolin,

No problem. I will manage the training somehow. Anyway it’s better to don’t see critical points. Let’s see. People could have a lot of additional questions I can not imagine now so I would like to close my own questions if possible. :slight_smile:

I do confirm again the behaviour. Then, I call it a bug as well. But not so problematic. Because not finished creation of product means just losing of settings. Do you confirm, is it so? If so, this is not a stuck point.

How do I identify delivery planning as open? Could you document this in learn (later on), please? Do you mean “Deliveries” -> “Planning” list contains lines with open lock icon on the right? Then sure, I have them plenty. It looks not good. It is because everytime I start to Generate New Delivery Planning it results in new line addition to this Delivery planning list. But, it is regardless I saved something or not. So, even if I start to generate new delivery planning and then click to another item of menu, line is recorded to Delivery planning list. Ok, let say it is automatic recording of the last operation. But it is not possible to modify this line or delete it. So I accumulate and accumulate… And this looks to me as bug.

Here I really do not know what I did. So this is not possible for me to demonstrate to people. Minimally, this could be stuck in training continuity. I see delivery planning as one of the useful/mandatory functions so it would be difficult to skip this topic in the training.

Obviously not my case. This function I can not demonstrate during training since I find some workaround. (noone for now) It is very probable that this point is strongly related to previous mentioned here above.

I got it. I select Member/Participant/Person (I do not know exactly the difference among terms definition…). Click on subscription number (in the table of “Subscriptions”). Right window opens. On the right of the blue button “Save”, drop-down menu: “Delete”.

In the future also options of the drop-down menus could be documented in the learn. What do you think? Now I realize some gives some clue but not clear for common user in specific situation. Fortunately OO seems to me user/admin friendly/intuitive.

If possible I would appriciate solving of the priority questions first.

Thank you for help. Enjoy your time!

I overlooked what is available. Also Delivery planning items have clickable numbers. “Delete delivery planning” is then available from drop down list on the right from green “Complete delivery planning” button.

Perfect. So I’m able to correct my strange lists. I would need just your help with errors.

Hey Leos,
I’m glad you found the delivery planing options. Apologies, I can’t help with errors as I would need to test it which is currently not possible (I’m only on mobile…) Your suggestions to improve the learn platform are very helpful. I will make the changes end of September.

Yes it is available. It is in the training folder M3. The presentation I gave was only a part of the presentation in the M3 folder. I don’t have the exact link at hand but I think I sent it around prior to our first call in August.

Yes that is right!

Yes this was meant as a generic introduction of concepts used in the system like the drop down button. Maybe a description would be helpful, I agree!

Maybe I used the wrong translation again… in DE (Switzerland) it is called “Pendenzen”. It’s like a “to do” that can be associated to a member.

I would need to see that. Generally the balance is not important if you are not paying per delivery. Currently the balance can only be expressed as deliveries paid-deliveries received.

Is that maybe the calendar? You can add dates on which the member is absent and consider that in the delivery planning. E.g. one box less to deliver

Those are two questions. Member categories are just labels that you can define yourself. This allows primarily to filter. I created categories of yearly payer and monthly payer. You could do something similar: yearly payer and half yearly payer. Then you can select and create invoices accordingly. Be mindful that on the definition of the subscription type you should put in the half year amount as price. Desregard that it says price per delivery. We can ignore that here. In the exercise where we create a subscription type I think I put a note to explain this weird thing :).

I noted that, thanks

Yes, the idea is to create products that you can then use to fill your boxes during the delivery planning. I can add something on learn.solidbase

Yes :). If means “cancel”

Yes, I can add something. The idea is that members can be two persons. For example housemates can have one membership so they are one member. But maybe both housemates want to receive emails so they are both contact persons = persons. If now one of them is engaged in the community in a working group, you can define a person category for that working group and send emails to only this working group.

I understand that you already clarified that question right? So generate a new delivery generates that new line. Then you can go out and go back by clicking on the number. It is created for the next date to be planned. And the subscription types appear which are set to “planned regularly “ ( when defining the subscription type). You can delete and add subscription types, depending on which one you would like to plan.

I guess this is answered now right?

You can fill your subscription types (I also call them boxes) with content. So distribute the veg. You can then use this information during delivery, e…g inform members what will be in their share, know how much of what you need to pack in total. It can also be used later by seeing what veg and how much was harvested and delivered.
If you don’t drag and drop input to your boxes, then your “list of producers” will be empty. This list shows how much of which veg needs to be provided by which producer.

See question above

Members and participants is the same. There is only a translation mismatch. Person is one level below. So person actually is a natural person. Whereas member can be a group of people as well. Housemates, families, communes for example

No, the answer is: it depends! How will you define the price in the subscription type? Per deliver or per Held year?

Hello Carolin,

thank you for your prompt reaction (under harsh conditions)! Just now I come to this thread.

First, unfortunately I can’t reach my OO settings (used for training) to double-check anything as soon as I do not remember password to (it disappeared from this page) and email: + password: admin don’t work.
Could you help to access it again (be honest I’m lazy to create my scenario somewhere else)?

Did you find time to check some of potential bugs?