Trainings These are the SolidBase training events. <em>List</em> them in the <a href=""> agenda</a>, <em>subscribe</em> the <a href=""> calendar</a> or <em>explore</em> the <a href=""> map</a>. IO2 This is about the elaboration of the solidbase intellectual output 2 “Educational tool for financial planning of SFSs”. IO1 Elaboration of Intellectual Output 1 of the Erasmus+ project SolidBase. M2 This is about the elaboration of the second training module of the solidbase training program. Meta This is about solidbase related stuff that is not that easily categorizable in one of the project categories. M3 This is about <strong>Module 3 of intellectual Output 4</strong>. It is the training module for digital skills. M1 This is about the first training module of solidbase. It is about <em>financial and management education for solidarity-based food systems</em>
General Information about Solid Base [SolidBase] (10)
Modul 3: Medienkompetenz [Trainings] (1)
Association management tools [IO2] (4)
Modul 4: Mitgliedereinbindung [Trainings] (1)
Kurzbericht M2 [M2] (4)
Modul 2: Solawi Finanz- und Budgetplanung [Trainings] (2)
Translation of Solawi Budget planning spreadsheets [M2] (2)
IO2: Budgetclasses definition and text [IO2] (3)
App translation [IO2] (1)
IO2- Übersetzung App [IO2] (3)
[Budgetclasses definition] finding a date for a call [IO2] (10)
Trainers guide and booklet chapter [M3] (2)
Invitation to consortium - How to contribute to the development of the solidbase app? [IO2] (1)
Modul 1: Solawi Verwaltung [Trainings] (2)
IO2 Meeting ( 2 ) [IO2] (39)
User Feedback Solid Base App [IO2] (8)
Solid Community Group and monthly calls [IO2] (3)
Online bidding rounds [IO2] (3)
Sampling data from Wiswall 2009 [IO2] (1)
Visual design [IO2] (11)
Meetings, convergences, festivals [Meta] (17)
[Call] Talking with the Data Food Consortium [IO2] (2)
Involving partners [IO2] (11)
[CfP] Digitization, "big data" and the new geographies of food [Meta] (1)
Local contacts to open source community support [Meta] (1)
Translation of OpenOlitor [IO2] (3)
Creating a domain and data model and finding a suitable representation ( 2 3 ) [IO2] (43)
Finding a date for the presentation of drupal based Kartoffel Kombinat administrative platform [IO2] (3)
Elaboration of M3 [M3] (3)
Contents of [Meta] (7)