Trainings These are the SolidBase training events. <em>List</em> them in the <a href=""> agenda</a>, <em>subscribe</em> the <a href=""> calendar</a> or <em>explore</em> the <a href=""> map</a>. Meta This is about solidbase related stuff that is not that easily categorizable in one of the project categories. IO2 This is about the elaboration of the solidbase intellectual output 2 “Educational tool for financial planning of SFSs”. M3 This is about <strong>Module 3 of intellectual Output 4</strong>. It is the training module for digital skills. IO1 Elaboration of Intellectual Output 1 of the Erasmus+ project SolidBase. M1 This is about the first trainig module of solidbase. It is about <em>financial and management education for solidarity-based food systems</em>
General Information about Solid Base [SolidBase] (10)
User Feedback Solid Base App [IO2] (8)
Solid Community Group and monthly calls [IO2] (3)
Modul 2: Solawi Finanz- und Budgetplanung [Trainings] (1)
Online bidding rounds [IO2] (3)
Modul 1: Solawi Verwaltung [Trainings] (1)
Sampling data from Wiswall 2009 [IO2] (1)
Visual design [IO2] (11)
IO2 Meeting ( 2 ) [IO2] (38)
Invitation to consortium - How to contribute to the development of the solidbase app? [IO2] (1)
Meetings, convergences, festivals [Meta] (17)
[Call] Talking with the Data Food Consortium [IO2] (2)
Involving partners [IO2] (11)
[CfP] Digitization, "big data" and the new geographies of food [Meta] (1)
Local contacts to open source community support [Meta] (1)
Translation of OpenOlitor [IO2] (3)
Creating a domain and data model and finding a suitable representation ( 2 3 ) [IO2] (43)
Finding a date for the presentation of drupal based Kartoffel Kombinat administrative platform [IO2] (3)
Elaboration of M3 [M3] (3)
Contents of [Meta] (7)
Choosing the right tech platform [IO2] (1)
Juntagrico [IO2] (1)
The SolidBase budgeting use case for Value Flows accounting [IO2] (1)
Clarifications about the Solawi model [Meta] (2)
Methodology, Glossary of terms and Graphical layout of trainers manual [IO1] (1)
Requirements for Software Tool [IO2] (5)
Main softwares to concentrate on [IO2] (2)
Documents uploaded with the online questionnaire [IO1] (1)
Matching budget lines to accounting data [IO2] (2)
Analysis of the questionnaire [IO1] (1)